A Study of Fan Engagement on Facebook Pages by Visibli

By: Corrie Davidson, 22 Apr 2011
Audi Facebook Page

Toronto-based “Engagement Bar” company Visibli recently analyzed over 200 million Facebook Fans to determine their engagement habits across different Fan Page types. By tracking the number of Likes and Comments that each post received over time, they found some interesting statistics about how long before content goes stale and who gets the most attention on Facebook.

Visibli calculated that Facebook posts receive 50% of their likes in the first 1 hour and 20 minutes, 80% in the first 7 hours, and 95% within 22 hours. Compare that to Twitter where 95% of ReTweets occur within the first hour!

Likes and Comments per Post from VisibliIn a review of Pages with over 100,000 Likes, Visibli gives car manufacturer Audi the crown for most engaged fans. Each Audi post received over 225 Likes per 100k fans, surpassing even the most popular Artists – like Justin Bieber (2nd)  and Lady Gaga (4th). This is particularly interesting because Pages for Artists scored notably higher than Pages for Media or Brands. On average, artists’ posts receive 92 Likes per post, which is almost twice the number of Likes for media organizations and brands – who receive an average of 57 and 54, respectively. “Surprisingly, the same is not true for Comments. Media organizations receive significantly more Comments per post (43 per post) than artists (17) or brands (only 9). While people are more likely to comment on current news, they will simply Like an artist’s post and then move on.”


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