A Study of Fan Engagement on Facebook Pages by Visibli

Audi Facebook Page

Toronto-based “Engagement Bar” company Visibli recently analyzed over 200 million Facebook Fans to determine their engagement habits across different Fan Page types. “By tracking the number of Likes and Comments that each post received over time, we studied the resiliency of each Facebook post as well as the overall activity.” They found some interesting statistics about how long before content goes stale and who gets the most attention on Facebook.

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When is the best time to Tweet, Blog and Share Content?

Dan Zarrella

Social media researcher Dan Zarrella has been conducting research on the best times to do your online marketing activities like blog, email, Tweet, and post to Facebook for close to 3 years now. In December of 2010 he released some of the results of his data analysis regarding timing in preparation for a webinar he was giving titled “Science of Blogging”. As I regularly get questions on this topic from clients, I thought it might be worth a formal blog about his findings. Studies and research such as Dan’s come out from time to time and may claim different specifics as to times and days (wednesday at 3pm has been thought to be the peak Tweet time for awhile now), but regardless of how this kind of data may help you plan your releases of information, you must keep in mind that every one is different. Every product, industry, service, company, and customer base has their own group norms and before you jump on board with what worked for someone else, you must take the the time to discover what is right for you and your community/audience.

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Advanced Tactics to Maximize Your SEO Opportunities from Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

Rand Fishkin at Whats Next DC

Rand Fishkin, the CEO & Founder of SEOmoz.org, managed to stuff an inspiring presentation on “Advanced Tactics to Maximize SEO Opportunity” into a too-short 25 minutes presentation at the What’s Next DC 2011 Conference on Monday, January 24th. With organic search results becoming increasingly competitive, Rand’s specific tactics supplemented with examples and case studies had me eager to try some new techniques to pimp out our website. You can view his slidedeck here. (All photos by Nakeva Corothers). Some key takeaways included:

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Digital Capital Week 2010 – Quotes from DCWEEK Media 2.0 Day

Digital Capital Week

Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) is a 10 day festival in Washington DC focused on technology, innovation and all things digital. It took place from June 11th to June 20th, 2010 in venues across the city with the mission of strengthening the capital region’s digital economy via events focused on creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, content creation, and innovation.

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