Introducing Speech 2 Text API by Google


Yesterday Google announced the release of Chrome 11 beta.  As usual Google Chrome team continues to push the limits of the web.  With this release they made public their use of a little known Web API for decoding speech into text.  The new API from google is not documented and has probably been in existence since early 2009 when they opened up more of Google Voice and made know their use of transcription for voice mail.   These features are all very interesting.  Thanks to the good work from “don’t panic”, it was very easy to put together a ruby library that helps make it even easier to use the speech API.  Check out the source a

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Email Staging Service


Nearly all our client projects require some sort of email.  We make it part of our standard process to always have a staging environment for each of our applications.   The merits of a staging environment ensure that we always validate and can redeploy our applications at moments notice.   To that end occasionally we’ll want to transfer some portion of production data into one of our staging environments.   When we do that we never want to risk having an email triggered via crontab or user action that inadvertently sends an email to a client, from the staging server instead of the production server.   To avoid and allow validation of email transactions,  we have released a very simple rails+smtp service that allows us to have our staging environment talk to a real smtp server that can record each email.   This allows our QA engineers to easily verify emails are sending from crontab or specific user actions.   Here’s the project on github.  Deploying the service is just as easy as deploying a normal rails application.

cap deploy
cap smtp:start

The cap file would need to be modified before as we keep our host keys private and they’re targeted to our named hosts.  e.g.  o1 and tools

Planning to release more software in the coming months hopefully this is useful for others as well. – Discounts for sharing with your social network.

GoPromoIt Website

A new social marketing tool was launched over the Thanksgiving holiday – just in time for the shopping frenzy that is the Holiday season. And as today is “Cyber Monday”, (or the monday after “Black Friday”) I thought it would be a good time to do a write up to introduce you to the fledgling site and clever tool that is

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KML and Google Maps – Compression

Screen shot 2010-07-13 at 2.27.16 PM

The Captico KML compressor uses the Douglas-Peucker Algorithm to reduce the number of vectors in your KML file. Adjust the tolerance to see how the polygon count is effected. Try this sample KML file. It’s open source and mostly Javascript requiring your browser to have Web Workers.

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Captico is a sponsor of the Nonprofit 2.0 Un-Conference


After some delay, its finally time for Washington DC’s Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference dedicated to those using social media to create networked communities and movements, enable volunteers and political action, and cultivate donors and partners for causes. This event focuses on those who’s communications impact society, benefiting Americans and citizens across the globe in an effort to change society for the better.

Captico’s New Media Coordinator Corrie Davidson will be on hand to snag informal on-the-spot interviews with event attendees. You can also follow the conference through Captico’s Twitter account.

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Captico’s Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Captico Ribbon Scissors

On March 31st, Captico hosted local business guests and county representatives for an official ribbon cutting ceremony at our “new” location in Severna Park, MD (though we have been here since September 2009, and before that in Washington D.C.).

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