Lessons Learned through Big Name Social Media Mistakes


Twitter has brought a new phenomenon to the social media/micro blogging world. Companies, large and small, have been using Twitter and Facebook as marketing channels to run their campaigns. Some have greatly benefited from the use of these tools and others have destroyed the public’s opinion of their company. Loads of companies have made highly publicized mistakes, and here we will address three of them:

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DC-Based Mobile Journalism Startup NewsiT Wants YOU to Be a Reporter

NewsIT Homepage

Today the beta version of DC-based journalism startup NewsiT is launching its first major news assignment, and is seeking volunteers to sign up and help them prove that it is possible and viable to create ‘crowd-sourced’ news of quality and impact using community contributions. NewsiT is a mobile social network for people who want to create and share news that’s meaningful, trustworthy and riveting.

“NewsiT believes people want their news portable, personalized and participatory. Our mission is to ‘reinvent’ news content creation by engaging citizens as mobile reporters all collaborating via social networks to produce multimedia coverage of relevance, quality and value.”

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Lady Gaga and Zynga Team up to sell Unicorns and Music in Farmville

FarmVille Has Gone Gaga

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

If the idea of grown adults playing an online virtual farming game (and often shelling out real cash to do so) doesn’t surprise you, then check out FarmVille’s newest neighbor: Lady Gaga. Yup, the Pop Princess of Weird has partnered with online social gaming wizards Zynga to bring you the future of cross marketing. And it hurts so good.

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Guidelines and helpful tips for running a contest on Twitter

white present

Twitter is a great social channel to interact with your customers and followers. It empowers you to reach out to individuals directly as well as facilitates real-time customer service conversations. Your marketing team loves it because, like Facebook, its also an easy way for your followers to share your messages with their friends. Hosting a contest is a fun way to get your followers to do this, as well as reward them for their loyalty and attention.

There are a lot of different contests you can run on Twitter – giveaways being the most popular – you can offer prizes for tweeting a particular update (like a product launch), for following a particular user (to build your company’s following), or for posting updates with a specific hashtag (to advertise an upcoming event). (See Twitter Promoted Trends and Keurig’s Coffee and a Cruise Campaign for an example of a Twitter Contest) But before you jump in and arbitrarily start tossing ideas and prizes out, you’ll want to take a look at some of my and Twitter’s recommendations…

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Twitter: All your mobile are belong to us

Twitter Home Page

Has everyone seen the new “You’ve Signed Out of Twitter” Page that greets you when you log out of your Twitter account on Twitter.com? I saw it for the first time today and it definitely got my attention. At first glance I thought it was an ad; I thought Twitter was selling space on their “Logged Out” landing page. But I quickly realized it is a bid to get users who access the service through Twitter.com to use an official Twitter portal when accessing the site from a mobile device (as opposed to a third party app like Tweetdeck).

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A Study of Fan Engagement on Facebook Pages by Visibli

Audi Facebook Page

Toronto-based “Engagement Bar” company Visibli recently analyzed over 200 million Facebook Fans to determine their engagement habits across different Fan Page types. “By tracking the number of Likes and Comments that each post received over time, we studied the resiliency of each Facebook post as well as the overall activity.” They found some interesting statistics about how long before content goes stale and who gets the most attention on Facebook.

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Jack Daniel’s hopes to garner buzz on Twitter and Facebook with new Honey Liqueur

Jack Daniels Honey on twitter

How do you generate buzz around your new line of booze from bees? Turn to social media. Famous Tennessee whiskey makers Jack Daniel’s have launched a new Honey Liqueur blended with their well known whiskey. To get the word out, they’ve turned to Twitter and Facebook. Let’s look at their campaign…

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Is Your Business Ready for the New Consumer? – Takeaways from Mitch Joel’s Keynote at Radian6 2011 Event

Mitch Joel

Author, Speaker, and Twist Image President Mitch Joel, the so-called “Rock Star of Digital Marketing”, gave the keynote at Radian6′s Social Media 2011 Conference in Boston, MA. You can watch the full 50 minute Ustream keynote here, but below I have taken some notes from it that I found particularly interesting.

“I believe whats presently happening in business and social media and how people are connecting is fundamentally changing everything we know about business.”

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When is the best time to Tweet, Blog and Share Content?

Dan Zarrella

Social media researcher Dan Zarrella has been conducting research on the best times to do your online marketing activities like blog, email, Tweet, and post to Facebook for close to 3 years now. In December of 2010 he released some of the results of his data analysis regarding timing in preparation for a webinar he was giving titled “Science of Blogging”. As I regularly get questions on this topic from clients, I thought it might be worth a formal blog about his findings. Studies and research such as Dan’s come out from time to time and may claim different specifics as to times and days (wednesday at 3pm has been thought to be the peak Tweet time for awhile now), but regardless of how this kind of data may help you plan your releases of information, you must keep in mind that every one is different. Every product, industry, service, company, and customer base has their own group norms and before you jump on board with what worked for someone else, you must take the the time to discover what is right for you and your community/audience.

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8% of online Americans Use Twitter. Are Your Customers There?


Eight percent of internet-using American adults are using Twitter, according to a November 2010 study from PewResearch Center. Twitter is an increasingly popular social networking activity among young adults, minorities, and those who live in cities especially. Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, a project of the PewResearch Center, usually focuses on general surveys and reports on internet usage and activities (as opposed to narrowing questions to a single brand or company) but based on the large increase in Twitter usage and its ever-growing popularity, Pew decided it warranted its own study. In eight surveys between August 2008 and September 2010 PewResearch asked: “‘Do you ever use the internet to use Twitter or another service to share updates about yourself or to see updates about others?’ In August 2008, 6% of internet users said ‘yes’ to that question. In September 2010, 24% of internet users said ‘yes.’”

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