Web Development

Website Development

Captico’s web development services incorporate our unique “7-Step Process” leading up to your website launch, complementing your business model and ultimately creating success for our clients.

As part of our web development services, Captico works with each client to understand your business model and objectives. We provide consulting on how to best translate those objectives into specific features and functionality, whether it be through website design, e-commerce, or mobile applications. As part of our engagements, we also provide Internet marketing and business strategy consults, technology assessments, and long-term strategic planning.

Captico’s Web Development Services Include:

1.     Established Project Goals and Corresponding Statement of Work

We work hard to ensure that we completely understand your website needs and we approach each client’s website as a new, completely customized project.

2.     Definition of Information Design and User Interface

Before jumping into how the site will look and feel, it’s critical to define what you want users to do on the site, what information needs to be incorporated into the site, and what the user’s interaction paths should be.

3.     Development of Visual Design

We gather a number of inputs in order before providing you with proposed website designs. We start by sitting down with you to discuss your favorite websites, your current company branding, your competitions’ websites, and best practices from across the web in creating engaging designs. We provide you with several options of designs to choose from. Each design is completely customized and the end result is spectacular.

4.     Website Marketing Program

In order for a new website to have the impact you desire by driving quality traffic to the site, it is critical to promote it with the right mix of Internet marketing tools. We start by writing effective, optimized content that will match organic and paid-search marketing strategies starts well before the site is launched. We also map out the functionality to leverage social tools like blogs, forums, groups, etc., allowing your site to virally take off after it launches.

5.     Website Implementation

Captico begins developing your website in installments, testing each new added feature for functionality and quality. We translate functional requirements and design into phases of a site   roll-out, with the end result being a fully-finished site in advance of the client’s desired launch date.

6.     Testing and Quality Control

Our philosophy is that testing should not be put off until the end, but rather something we incorporate into our entire development cycle. Having said that, we always set aside a chunk of time right before the site goes live to go through every line of code and every piece of content with a fine-tooth comb.

7.    Web Maintenance, Hosting and Enhancement

Many clients think there will be a nice break after the website launches- that’s usually not the case! Once the website goes live, Captico works with you to start immediately gathering data and providing analytics on website performance. We actively listen, respond and report on user experience to provide informed enhancements to your website on an ongoing basis. This process of testing and feedback allows us to fine-tune your website on an ongoing basis to deliver the best possible performance.

Want to find out more?

Read some of our Case Studies to see how we delivered web development services for existing clients, or contact us for more information: 1.866.944.9889