Static Asset Bundling with Ruby on Rails

Railroad tracks

Static asset bundling in Ruby on Rails is super easy with assemblage.

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Securing specific routes in Rails 3


SSL is important when dealing with user data. The rails 3 router makes it easy to mark specific sections of your application secure using the :constraints option within a scope block.

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Email Staging Service


Nearly all our client projects require some sort of email.  We make it part of our standard process to always have a staging environment for each of our applications.   The merits of a staging environment ensure that we always validate and can redeploy our applications at moments notice.   To that end occasionally we’ll want to transfer some portion of production data into one of our staging environments.   When we do that we never want to risk having an email triggered via crontab or user action that inadvertently sends an email to a client, from the staging server instead of the production server.   To avoid and allow validation of email transactions,  we have released a very simple rails+smtp service that allows us to have our staging environment talk to a real smtp server that can record each email.   This allows our QA engineers to easily verify emails are sending from crontab or specific user actions.   Here’s the project on github.  Deploying the service is just as easy as deploying a normal rails application.

cap deploy
cap smtp:start

The cap file would need to be modified before as we keep our host keys private and they’re targeted to our named hosts.  e.g.  o1 and tools

Planning to release more software in the coming months hopefully this is useful for others as well.