How Do I: Moderate Comments on My Facebook Page


On the heels of our last post, How Do I: Make a Facebook Page for My Business?, we wanted to immediately address a very common question and concern that our clients have when it comes to Facebook: How do you control what people post on a Page’s Wall?

The thought of complete strangers posting negative comments or inappropriate material on a Page’s public Wall seems to be the first thing to pop into many business owners’ minds. So let me first say, that yes, you can delete any comment and even block individuals from ever posting to your Page again. But that should be a last resort action and not the first button you push.

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The Twitter “Firehose” is up for grabs – if you have the cash!

Garden Hose

Two days ago, micro-blogging platform Twitter and social media data provider Gnip, announced a partnership to make Twitter data commercially available through Gnip’s Social Media API. “This partnership opens the door to developers who want to use Twitter streams to create monitoring and analytics tools for the non-display market.”

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How Do I: Send Public and Private Messages on Twitter

Magnifying Glass

For those of us who have been using Twitter for years, small changes and adaptations are taken in stride and basic functions seem natural. So it is easy to forget (or gloss over) the nuances we have incorporated into our daily routines. This series of blog posts will take a close and explicit look at Twitter functions. Today we will look at sending public and private messages.

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